most thankful for

i dont have time to properly document all my feelings about the past 366 days, but i think i can pretty much sum up by saying what i am most thankful for this year is that my baby girl survived and is turning out to be the funniest, most determined, uplifting, social, and gorgeous girl i could have ever asked for.

54 weeks ago, when we found out about amelies diagnosis i was so devastated; i could only think about what a horrible life she, and we, would have because of her T21. i was also paralyzed with fear over her medical prognosis and was convinced she wouldnt survive the heart surgery.
not only did she survive, she came through surgery beautifully and since then has just become the most extraordinary/ joyful/ lovely little girl. we have met more strangers this past year because everywhere we go, her smile and infectious giggle draw people in.
i not only love this little girl, i am completely in love with her and am so excited about all her birthdays to come.

we'll have to figure out the timing for future birthday parties.
this year, we kept it small, and gluten/ dairy free ;)