a shout out to lucky number 13

I was going to title this one, this is the face of 13 and post a pic of D and I together, but sadly, I cant find a pic of the 2 of us together that was taken in the past 2 years!
not one i like anyway ;)

today i have had the privilege of being married to the best person i know and my best friend for 13 years.
in 7 more we'll have been married for 20 years and/or half our lives -- for some reason that makes me feel like, wow, we're old, and wow, we really have been married a loooonnnggg time.
i have a terrible memory which i think precipitates my lack of awareness of time, so in general, i feel very much like that 20 year old girl who one day realized
a.  wow, D is really into me so he must not be gay
b.  he's kinda awesome, and arrogant, and hot (this was after he cut off the legolas locks and dyed them black)

im so glad through the stupidity of my early 20's, i had the good sense to realize just how amazing this man, my husband is, and that he was, and is, a keeper

since i cant find any recent photos, thought i would upload one from when the magic all began ;)


  1. You two are so wonderful together. Your bond and love for each other is easy to see and admire. Much love and continued success to you and your family.

  2. Happy Day to the two most wonderful children in my life. I'm so happy for these past 13 years and the wonderful bonus' of Max & Amelie. Love you
    both always. Mom