this is the face of two

i cant believe its been 5 weeks since i last posted -- i meant to be so very good about it really.
and,  i cant believe my boy is two.
if its not already being done, someone really needs to do a study about how time literally, not theoretically, goes soooo much faster once you have kids.
i can no longer keep track of what month it is let alone what date or day of the week.
im serious, not exaggerating for effect -- does this happen to everyone when you have kids or is it just me?

well in superquick wrap up style of the events i can remember:

we all got sick with the plague/ super high fevers/ 5 trips to the drs... yet again!!!
daniel actually graduated with his bs, so now he's ddbs soon to be ddbsdds, and then ddbsddsomfs :D
this cracks me up, but no one else apparently
daniel started dental school. in fact he's probably cutting into his first cadaver as i write
my mom came to visit/ took care of us/ helped immensely with max's mistake of a second birthday party
max kind of missed out on his actual birthday as he had a temp hovering around 103 and was completely lethargic, which if you know my boy, means it was really bad...
went a little crazy with max's robot/dinosaur/animal dance party themed 2nd birthday party which ended up just being robot themed
the official birthday party season continued and hopefully, now has ended ;)
we found out my neice who is 5 months younger than me and has 4 young kids had a brain tumor and lesions, (which they successfully removed) and also has lung cancer
went to the drs another 87 times -- good report from cardioloigst, passed 2nd hearing screen, (didnt do so well on the first) found out am has an astigmatism and will eventually need glasses, 3 miserable blood draws and monitoring for hypothyroidism, 2 trips to ped to make sure the plague wasnt turning into some sort of rsv for am, 2 year well check for max, annual check up for me, root canal for me, 2 more root canals for me, cleaning for d, bi-weekly slp/ ot/ pt
-- lots of excitement in that area of our world, need a dr people, ask me!
dinner with family whom we havent seen in forever :)
starting applications for school
taking first steps, (assisted, but bearing weight on those tiny legs is still a big deal ;)
ate solid pieces of fruitaliciousness
met some horses, and cool people too
learned the hard way that it's absolutely imperative that i check max's pockets before washing any of his clothes

thats all the power of recall i have for the moment
lots and lots of pics to choose from since its been so long but we'll go with bday

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  1. It sure was a past pasted time in Seattle, and so sad to be back in the OC. Love you all and miss you sooooooooooooooo very much. I wish I could have been there to hear all about D's first day in
    dental school. Love you all so very much, Mom