Egg Lovin Eggers

im going to skip over the guilt of not posting for 2 weeks again and go straight to the good stuff.

supplement wise we upped Am's ginko to 2x a day, and upper her curcumin to 1000 mg per pay.
we havent noticed any change in energy or sleeping patterns, or any huge developmental changes.
we have noticed Am is saying ee words much more often hiieee, and mommee
-- before she could only say ahh sounds
she's also talking more and trying to say more. sometimes i say words to her and i can see her trying to figure out how to imitate my mouth movements.
she's also taken a BIG interest in books lately, and i can trust her to not rip or mouth paper pages

we had our first consult with PT last week, (only had OT and SLP before) and PT provided us with some great exercises to get Am to push her weight back onto her legs to get to standing instead of pulling up with her arms. i've noticed a big jump in core strength since we started that.
we should get Am's SPIO suit in the next week or two, and I think that will really help if it is long enough to go over her hips as I think her walking difficulty stems from her loosey goosey hip joints.

the biggest development i noticed last week was during that PT session. we were making Am walk to the table to have a snack and she was tired and about done with working so hard.
she alternated from me, to the PT, to Daniel to complain to each of us and in essence ask us to pick her up and take her over to the table. she has become quite assertive and vocal in letting us know what she wants, or doesnt want lately, but that was the first time i really saw her devising a scheme and targeting specific people to help her implement it -- i think its a big leap in reasoning on her part :)

im still going back and forth on whether we should go get a formal neuro-dev evaluation and plan done soon. we are doing ok with everything we are doing now, and at some point she just has to be allowed to be a kid and have fun, but i also dont want to look back and think, we should have done more..

anyhow, we are off to a fabulous spring, so i have dusted off my camera again and can share some kid lovin....

Happy Egg Dance at St Annes
Am wasnt so into the collecting eggs thing
Easter Party with Friends
Easter Party Apples :)
I love these pics because they are just sooo max.

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