blogging is not good for my self esteem.
i look at the date of the last entry and feel guilty every. time.
the truth is, we are busy, and its not yet a habit, and i just forget to update, but i am determined to be more consistent as i just read through some past entries while looking for a particular pic of am and had quite the trip down memory lane.
actually, my memory is TERRIBLE, so its almost like reading someone elses story :)

anyways, im starting back up to school today and get to take lots of fun classes this quarter, so i am excited about that, but i should really be reading through 4 syllabuses right now instead of on here so quick synopsis:

Week 1. we started Am on 1/8 tsp 2x p/d of nutrivene d about a month and a half ago
Week 2. upped to 1/4 tsp 2x per day -- her full dose as we are ALmost up to a whopping 16 lbs!
-- (sarcasm here folks, just found out that puts her between 0.0-0.1% on the growth charts)
Week 3. started 1/5 dropper of ginko in am
Week 4. started 2/5 dropper of ginko in am
Week 5ish 2/5's in am / 1/5 in pm, and a tiny bit of juice plus powder
Week 6. just this past saturday started 1/4 tsp of Longvida Curcumin in the am, but i need to look and see if we can switch to afternoon as she tends to spit up more in the am, and this stuff stains like the dickens

this past weekend, we stayed in mostly to work on IPT, if you dont know what that is, I'll spare you...
ok, I wont, it's Intensive Potty Training -- Livin It Up Here in the QA.

anyhow, this weekend Am said 3 new words, including a very clear mommy while I was passing her over to D -- v. happy about that one ;)

The Curcumin is supposed to have an effect on language so I was hoping to see some change within a week or so.... Im hesitant to say Am's new words were LC based, but the timing is suspect!
She has also started sideways cruising really well -- she can go down the whole length of the couch now and in general just feels more solid -- hopefully walking will be soon, but we still need to get an orthotic consult -- another thing to add to the list!
We have plans to add or up about 10-15 more supplements, so will update as we do.

In other catch up notes:

We did the 3 day lockdown PT method with Max and it worked REALLY well!
-- and then we had some backsliding, but all in all, max is such a champ and hes such a sweet sweet guy. his new thing is to take my face in his hands out of no where and whisper i love you. its honestly the best thing ever.
after almost 9 years of living up here, I FINALLY found an awesome PCP for myself who is in  practice with an NP who we met in the office and I am going to take Amelie to for a variety of reasons, but mostly thyroid related -- to be discussed in another post.
ae successfully made it through another quarter of dental school and had some exciting new opportunities open up for D, also to be discussed later.
after a month and a half of specialists and pins and needles, determined my vision loss was not caused by anything neurological and thus not indicative of an autoimmune disease -- hurrahh!!!

im sure there's lots im forgetting so will update as my memory is refreshed, or as d refreshes it rather!

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  1. Hi, just wanted to throw out a comment on the staining by the LC. I do cloth diapering and use a product called Bac-Out to soak my diapers in overnight. It's essentially lime enzymes, which break up organic matter. I've thrown in a few items with curcumin stains and although it doesn't completely get the stains out, I've noticed it does improve it somewhat. This is an overnight soak in the washer with hot water and the Bac-Out. Just thought I'd share in case you'd ever want to give it a try!!