back to life. back to reality

my german, strong like bull immunity husband, who never gets sick, and refuses to take any medication when he does, brought home this vile plague of a cold thing that our whole family has been passing around for months now. at least that's what it feels like...

AND, it included pink eye for the maximus which i am way grossed out by.
i have been kept up at night with webmd searches about all the other vile things both my boys could contract and bring home.
there was a note on one of the other preschool classes at m's school saying, 'your child may have been exposed to scabies'.
SCABIES, really people??????
so disgusting and nightmare inducing...

anyhow, i finally feel like i may have turned the corner with this thing and am looking forward to getting back into the land of the living. i know my immune system is still compromised and i catch and keep (release, release body!) everything under the sun, but im surprised at how long D has had this thing.

am wondering if this is to do with:
a.) getting older
b.) having kids
c.) being in an incubator with 40,000 other people who are essentially, kids, and im sure not terribly hygienic

in clinic they told him to act like everyone has hep or hiv, (cause of the needle pricks ya know) which i think is really good practice, but D told me the surprising thing was really how many people actually did/do.

that little bit of wisdom will need to be d's attitude for the rest of his life now, but im afraid if this superbug/ plague thing is any indication, the rest of the fam will need to act as if too :(

i dont have any correlating pics for you, (trust me you dont want to see) so instead ill give you these....

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