times they are a changin

weekend in review

first visit to the dentist -- smashing success, of course
loss of blanket
relapse of sickness
completion of antibiotics
twirl cafe fun
sleep in and latte, (better than chicken soup)
operation blanket recovery
ummmm, lovely frozen yogurt treatiness
purposeful saying of dada added to repetoire
full on army crawling and standing with assistance -- this girl is truly awe inspiring
churchin and dancin with dudah
le reve(ing) yum
celebrating life
wading pool and park
showing of houses
unparent initiated POOP in the potty people!!!!!
our little boy is becoming a little man

seriously, our life totally revolves around our kids now and it/ they rock(s)

because i like you



  1. She is so adorable Sarah!!! And YAY that she is crawling!! Did she say Dada??! Such a little overachiever! Love it! I am not 100% sure, but I think we may have some time on Saturday to get together. How does your weekend look?

  2. La Reve with out me, :( Can't wait to see my
    babies again before the are all grown up.
    Love and miss you. gramy