new and improved and now tube free!

i know, i know, i havent updated in so long, but we have been busy folks over here in the Q to the A.
the dupuis household has been up to a lot, see if you can guess who did what :)

taking all waking feeds by bottle
pulling out am's ng tube
taking ALL feeds by nursing or bottle -- oh hell to the yeah!
undertaking massive house projects that we didnt have the extra time or boundless youthful energy to do, but that look great now if we do say so ourselves :)
killing massive amounts brain cells from excessive paint fume inhalation
making new friends
repeating mama and baba
guest lecturing at the University of Washington about non-disjuncture to genetics classes......and, killing it!
losing all superglue scabs
calling the police on some guy trying to break into the house while we were home
being told you're supposed to call 911 for that
jumping jumping jumping
getting an a+ in recovering from OHS from the cardiologist
tasting tasty things like pears and pizza
planning massive remodels that cant be done for a while
contemplating going back to work
hosting animal dance parties
farmers marketing with friends in juneuary (hate that term, but it's just too apt right now)
contemplating going back to school
realizing how much better life is post OHS and how happy and blessed we are :)

not many pics for you cause my camera battery ran down and i just found the charger, so we'll go with cuteness over quantity


  1. I just love these pix's But more I love the
    subject of the picture and all your posts.
    Love you all, xxxxxx000000 Gramy

  2. SO GREAT!! Amazing about the feedings - way to go Am! Love Silvia :)

  3. AWESOMENESSSSSS!!!! Not sure that's a word but that describes my feelings most accurately about your family's RAD-ness. So happy that things are going so well for all. Go Amelie! : ) Hugs and Luvs from The Courtades. You guys rock.

    ps: Sarah, you are hilarious and your posts are excellent. i think you have a shining blogging career ahead of you.

  4. She's looking great! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

  5. She's beautiful...so happy she's coming along so well!! Time for another updated post Sarah! :) Love to all, Jan