just say no

our life seems to be very full lately
the good news is that we have a lot of wonderful wonderful friends
the bad news is that we dont have enough time to see them all, but still want/ try to
and i dont seem to have enough energy to stack dates, of one kind or another, back to back
i started getting sick, not to mention super cranky, again and was feeling badly that i was the only one in the fam who couldnt seem to keep up...

and then we figured out that the reason the boy has been waking up at night was from night terrors

and then we figured that at least part of these night terrors are due to his being overtired
i think the other part is his very vivid and technicolor imagination which is currently filled with robots and a renewed interest in foofa from yo gabba gabba (hmmmm)
so..... even tho the boy seems like a carbon copy of his energizer daddy, i guess it eventually hits him like it does me

in other more exciting news:
the boy continues to potty train himself despite our best efforts to the contrary
am passed her hearing screen so no brain stem scan, yippidee :)
now we just have the endocrinologist and ophthalmologist to contend with
d is officially 4 weeks away from d school which begins with a and p
-- im SO jealous!
and......we have a mountain of to dos to get dones before then

i cant seem to upload my camera pics at the moment -- need d to finish up his dang homework and get back to more important tasks like helping technology inept me -- so photos to come

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