extubated hoorah, and a couple shouts outs!

about an hour ago they extubated am -- hoorah, hooray!

this is a big deal because the longer that tube was in the more risk she had of infection and intubation induced pneumonia, and i think ams handling the extubation was d's biggest fear as it took so many tries and was so difficult for them to extubate me -- i think am learned from my mistakes :)

her blood pressure and heart rate are a little wonky right now because during surgery she had 1st degree heart block, (a disruption in the electrical system) so there are a lot of alarms going off, and she may need to go on an external pacemaker to regulate that...

just want to end the day by saying thank you so much to everyone for keeping am and us in your thoughts and prayers --we are so appreciative and know its made a huge difference in how the surgery went and her recovery so far.

also, a HUUUUGE shout out to the courtades for taking such good care of our boy so we could fully concentrate on our girl, as well as, filling our refrigerator for the week -- you guys are the best! to the millers for the super thoughtful gowns for am, the OS girls for the surprise visit, and to auntie alyson for her wonderful distraction abilities, her questioning nature, and all around great friendship -- love you guys!


  1. Praise the Lord Sarah...

  2. Wonderful! So glad to see her doing so well!

  3. That is FANTASTIC!!! Chad and I are so happy to hear that she is doing so well. Am is a strong girl (she takes after her mom and dad). I am super excited for her to fully recover and start to thrive to her full potential. She looks comfortable on the pics (amazing how resilient these little ones are). Try to get some sleep and we will take Max anytime (REALLY)! He is a joy! : ) Many hugs and love coming your way from the courtades.

  4. I love this Blog Sarah. It's so good for us to see our little "Niece" sleeping peacefully and looking so beautiful. Let us know if you guys need anything dropped off at the Hospital! xoxo

  5. Lianne, Dave and SilviaJune 9, 2011 at 9:08 AM

    So glad the extubation went well!! She looks great and we love the reindeer. You guys are all so strong!

  6. I am happy to see that Am is doing so well. I am from the BBC ds board and my lo, Emily had her OHS on March 31st at Seattle Children's. I thought the pictures looked familiar.
    It looks like she is doing great. I hope that you get home soon.