really people?

    really people? are you seriously subjecting me to this?

today was a big day in the dupuis household. d sort of incidentally graduated from UW!
he had enough credits from completing the pre-reqs for dental school that he figured, why not?
unfortunately, i didnt feel like it could leave am that long so didnt make it, but 'uncle chad' went and auntie anouk was a saint and, yet again, took care of our boy.

am had a good day today. she stopped vomiting, is only on tylenol and her heart meds, and is regaining energy. the big thing for me is that she started smiling and talking to everyone again -- i feel like i have my girl back :)
we had a curmudgeon card resident this am that didnt want to take am off the continuous drip feeding pump and said, well maybe you can take her home next week. i told her that wasnt good enough, that i wanted her back on gavage and bottle feeding and wanted to try to take her home tomorrow or monday at the latest... hoping i can make that happen!

    am was excited about the pomp and circumstance

    she pulled her tube out yet again. i think its a good sign she's ready to get back to the ushe

    thought i should give the boy some equal photo love

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  1. Such AMAZING photo's. : ) GO Daniel, Sarah, Max and especially Amelie! So happy you all made it happen (graduation and a successful surgery). We were happy to help out! Max is a super sweetie! We want him back. I think Bo also really misses him (who is he gonna steal treats from now...) Hurrah for the Dupuis Family! Chat soon. Hugs from The Courtades