hallelujah brother joe!

had to update one more time today to say amelie actually took down 30ccs from a bottle like a champ!

i dont think anyone other than a heart parent will understand the significance of this, but suffice it to say we have been working on this issue for the past 4 months -- it almost made me cry as much as when they took her back for surgery!
im sure it will still be a long road to get her completely bottle feeding, but just the fact that she sincerely wanted the bottle and wasnt showing any signs of aspirating is so incredibly encouraging and something we were hoping the OHS would help with -- this is pretty miraculous folks :)


  1. Wow! That is fantastic news and is simply incredible progress already! Way to go Amelie!!!

  2. Everything about this blog is beautiful...the photos, the story, that amazingly strong little girl and her strong family. Thinking of you all during her recovery...Love, Ali

  3. This is fantastic news...she is doing great! Neal

  4. Go Amelie! Wonderful news!