no, i dont trust drs....

i will finish that first post and have meant to write more and be better about chronicling this whole experience both for our/ ams record, as well as, other new moms that have to go through this, but pre-op is tomorrow and i am spending all spare time researching every good and bad avsd surgery i can find so that we can go in tomorrow as prepared as possible and know all the right questions to ask....
will post those questions and answers later!

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  1. What a pretty little sweet girl! Blogging is great during this time because it allows everyone to hear what's going on without you having to talk to everyone who cares. So thank you for posting.

    Since you're interested in looking up AVSD surgeries, I'll tell you that our little girl's was 2 months ago and went without a hitch. She's doing SO beautifully now (She even started breastfeeding!)

    I am sending all my wishes for Am's surgery to go just as well as Cora's.