went to the cardiologists yesterday and she said am looked good :)

she heard a small murmur from the vsd backleaking a bit, but said there was a possibility that could resolve on its own. we get to cut her lasix back by half and, if all goes well, cut it out next week, which means we can potentially start starving her to make her take the bottle and get that tube out of her nose -- yey!

today is d's last day of vacation and we havent really had a chance to take a break so today we walked all around the hood and went to the yummy french bakery, le reve, for coffee and pastries on the patio.
am is getting a taste for the finer things early :)

caffeinated deliciousness

anyone else think my husband's smile is just scrumptiousness


  1. Gosh, she really looks great! Glad you all got to have a nice day out.

  2. She is looking gorgeous - glad you got to enjoy the sunshine!! - Lianne, Dave and Silvia

  3. Happy Father's Day Dan! Amelie looks fabulously healthy - hurrah!!! Hope you can ditch that Lasix stuff soon! Cheers!