the longest day

today might go down as one of the longest in our lives, certainly in ams life ;)
i wish i had more time and energy for details, but pre-op went until 6pm and we still have more pre-op assignments and prep to take care of....

something of note

we met with the surgeon and he is one cocky sob, (which is just what we wanted in a surgeon), and he was very reassuring in that he told us:  " ive never had a problem starting a heart back up, and ive never had a baby die on me and i have no intention of your baby being the first"
that pretty much summed up everything we wanted to hear from him :)

we have no service in the hospital, but will update everyone on here as we are able

this pretty much sums up am's thoughts on the day ;)


  1. you all will be in my prayers. much peace and grace to you.

  2. Oh Sarah! I haven't seen her for so long! She's so beautiful. Sending prayers and good thoughts that Am sails through this. You must have a different surgeon (we had Dr. Permut)-- not warm and fuzzy, but surely confident. I guess that is fine (?!!). Lots of hugs! ~~Holly

  3. I'm praying and pushing for Am's surgery and recovery to go well! <3 and miss you all!

  4. Lord send your peace like a river from heaven to comfort this family.

  5. Your daughter is adorable. I am thinking of you today! And, I SO agree that I also was thrilled to have a very cocky surgeon:)

  6. Thanks for sharing this blog. It's wonderful. The Courtades are sending MANY prayers and positive vibes your way. I hope all goes smoothly today. We will be thinking of you all. Am is a little fighter! Max and Zach had a great time playing this morning. He's an angel!!! : ) Hugs and Love, Anouk

  7. BTW, I like that surgeon of yours! Oh, and Am's pics are beautiful! : ) Anouk