this my boo

this how she roll.
in case ya'll didnt know, am speaks with a bit of an ebonic bent and frequently quotes rap lyrics
she crazy. she throws in words like axed into everyday general conversation
must be all the movin 92.5 she demanded to listen to in utero

her momma speaks with a bit of a twang and frequently says ya'll.
must be from being raised in southern california and our time in new york....that makes perfect sense.

anyways, in am's words gotta say it was a good day, err, weekend rather

learned our son might be a little racist...... but then again sikhs do carry knives
were brought the most delectable chicken curry ever
were brought the most delicious pastries and lattes in seattle
had a playdate with max's sister girlfriend
went to the park 482 times
started a wee bit o potty training
fed our girl 250 cc's by bottle, hey shorty its ur birthday
got to celebrate the best dad in the hood
didn't even have to use our ak
gotta say it was a good day, err, weekend

1 comment:

  1. Amelie looks a little tired? Is she getting back
    up to snuff? Good to see Max checking out the
    hood again. Lots of hugs and kisses to my babies.
    Love to you'al. Mom, gramy