step down progress

this morning am got a few more tubes out and we got to bring her down to the surgical care wing, yey!
they stopped the morphine so i think she has been in a bit of pain and has been fussy all morning,
we were able to avoid the pacemaker last night. she still has the wires in, but i think the risk of her having to go on the pm has decreased considerably.
we just got to feed her, dress her in a little gown, and wrap her in a blanket so she is sleeping pretty peacefully for the time being :)

we are hesitant to count our chickens, but one of the cardiac nurses mentioned if am keeps on this track, she might be able to go home by sunday.... as i was preparing myself for a month long stay, anything less than a week would be a miracle in my eyes ;)

                                                              finally got to hold my girl again!

pretty dress

reaching for daddy

where's waldo?

not happy about this here situation


  1. yeah Am! it is amazing how children recover! i celebrated every victory after surgery and and every tube that came out and wire that got unplugged! she will be home before you know it, I was amazed! I am so glad that she is doing well! sending continued good thoughts!

  2. Yay! She looks really great! Praying she gets to come home sooner than later!